BOESL Korea Lottery Result 2022

South Korea Lottery Application 2022

It should be noted that there are two methods to recruit people in South Korea, the first is that all candidates who know the Korean language are taken in one way and those who do not know the Korean language are taken to South Korea through a lottery.
The online application process is completed through the website of Bocell, the only state-owned manpower dispatching company in Bangladesh. 

BOESL South korea lottery 2022 result

South Korea Lottery 2022 Result

Application Start : 28 August 2022 at 10 am
Application Deadline: 31 August 2022 at 5 PM
Age Limit : Date of Birth should be between 29 August 1982 to 28 August 2004.

The date of declaration of result is 4 September 2022 at 11 AM.

Bossel Korea Lottery Results

Candidates have to input his full name, date of birth, passport number and scanned photo of passport (45-60KB) and mobile number etc. All information provided after submitting your application. Complete application in Korean rather than an ID number of your passport number. BOESL Korea Lottery Result 2022 Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Limited has released boesl korea lottery online result at

Boesel Primary Registration Lottery Facebook page

  • You can see the result from Boesel Facebook page.
  • Enter the Facebook page site and write Bocell and charge on Facebook, now a page with the Bocell logo will appear.
  • By scrolling down the page you will find a link to JPG or download PDF of the result.
  • If you enter the link, you enter and download the file.
  • Check your passport if the name and passport number are correct then you are said to have passed the lottery. registration 2022 

Eligibility for Exam:

  • Educational Qualification SSC/Equivalent.
  • Age limit is from 29/08/1982 to 28/08/2004.
  • Passport validity is subject to being up-to-date
  • One who does not have color blindness or color perception problems.
  • Must have proficiency in reading, writing and understanding Korean language.
  • Persons diagnosed with drug addiction/syphilis will be considered ineligible.
  • No jail time or other punishment for criminal offences.
  • Those who did not stay in South Korea illegally
  • On whom there is no restriction on traveling abroad or no problem to go and
  • Those who have stayed in Korea for no more than 5 years on an E-9 or E-10 visa.

Notifications regarding registration and employment

  • Registration and passing the EPS topic only confirms eligibility for job application, does not guarantee employment in Korea.
  • Furthermore, those who fail the medical test and have experience of illegal stay in Korea or do not meet the E-9 determination, cannot be employed in Korea.
  • Deported from Korea if drug/syphilis detected on entry into South Korea.
  • According to the memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Foreign Employment of the Government of Bangladesh and the Ministry of Labor and Employment in Korea, only Boesel can legally send workers to South Korea. After passing the EPS-Topic, Korean industrial owners will be able to hire workers from among those whose job rosters will be approved by the authorities in Korea. Legal action will be taken against any other manpower exporting agents or language training institutes who disturb it.
  • EPS Topic CBT's registration and examination fees until entry into Korea will be published on Boesel's home page as valid shipping costs. Therefore, all concerned are warned to beware of fraud by any organization or person in the name of sending to Korea.

BOESL South korea lottery result 2022

Korea BOESL EPS-TOPIK CBT Online Registration Result 2022 will publish soon in boesl’s official website :

South kore result 2022 pdf download link (direct) : PDF FILE DOWNLOAD LINK registration 2022 
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Korean lottery for Bangladesh 2022 registration 2022 
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